Sunday, March 25, 2012

¡Norteamericanos Frívolos!

I ran into this reality show the other day

and even though I've only seen 2 episodes, I already know it's up there with this
 and this.


It's very addicting.  Here's a taste why:

A bride-to-be is looking for the perfect dress for her wedding.  She goes to a famous dress store and meets the consultant, who's going to help her pick out the dress.

I drew the bride with two left hands.  Yikes. 

Lucky for the consultant, the bride has brought some people to help.  Her mom, dad, fiance, siblings, fiance's siblings, cousins, bridesmaids, bridesmaid's cousin...
 Who all look like this.
 Without fail.

And the bride is like, "and I won't be happy unless they aaaaaaaaall love my dress every single one!"
 So they go into the dressing room and try on the dresses.  (This is my favorite part.)  (It's just like Barbie!!)
 And when the bride is sure she's found the right dress, she goes out to show everyone

...who all hate it.

Back to the dressing room!

 They try on scads and scads more.

They try on so many,  they all start to look the same...
 And I can kind of feel my IQ ticking south like a clock
(which is how you know it's good)

And then magically...after trying on all those dresses...

They find THE ONE.

To me, THE ONE looks a whole lot like the other dresses she's tried on.  But it's obviously pretty special because the bride starts to cry and stuff.

Anyway, the bride comes out wearing THE ONE, and her family is like:

And they love it.
The mom loves it.  The dad loves it.  The grandparents and bridesmaids and fiance and siblings, they all love it!

And then


(usually like, the three-year-old daughter of the bridesmaid's cousin, who the bride is really close to, who has been sitting quietly through the whole thing staring at the ceiling)

 And the world turns up-side-down!!!
 hand-held cam focus on perplexed bridesmaid
 handheld cam zoom on bridesmaid
handheld cam focus

Aaaaaand then the YouTube teaser ends.

And I'm like:


Good gravy, am I really making this a two-parter??



Siiri said...

You just made me laugh out loud. :D

Leah Cypess said...

I am HIGHLY OFFENDED by the implication that ability to find one's car keys is in any way related to IQ. Failure to make car keys that emit beeping sounds when you call the manufacturer to let them know you've lost them? THAT is an IQ issue.

That said, I eagerly await Part 2.

Claire said...

ahh you're posts make me happy. this is all TOO TRUE! I look forward to part two... ;)

Brooke said...

Is "Dresses Dresses Dresses" the real name of that show? 'Cause I wanna SEE IT NOW.

Heather Dixon said...

@Brooke - The show's real name is actually "Say Yes to the Dress"...which rhymes, which is why I love it SO MUCH

@Leah - I have this crazy idea to invent car keys that shock a person if they're not found within 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure it would make ME more careful about where I put my keys. For realz.

Linnzy said...

Hahahaha sound like it's that show that runs on TLC, my mom watches it sometimes, I glance at it and just want to strangle the brides....and their relatives.....

Heather said...

Oh wow! Please tell me there's tons of crying and bridezilla meltdowns! It sounds as awesome as this other girly show I just discovered: Super Best Friends Forever.

Eagerly anticipating parte dos de Norteamericanos Frivolos...

Gabby Zapata said...

Hahahaha oh man. I am very guilty of watching several seasons in a row >_> I can't help myself!.. *there's a whole bunch of episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on netflix streaming!* This made me laugh.

Keisha O. said...

Haha! This is hilarious! The suspense has got me so I want to start watching that show!

Debbie Barr said...

Believe it or not I have been watching many episodes of this show lately, as it is on Netflix and I have been making a lot of earrings lately.

Loved your pictures. SO TRUE.

Just don't forget the quaint moral at the end about finding "The Perfect Dress."

Also all grooms love their Bride's dress when they see it! Imagine that!

Little Katie said...

I'd almost watch if it wasn't wedding drama dress city. Working in a place with so many wedding, I don't care for bride zillas and also being snubed out of dress shops because I want to look and not buy bitters it.

By the way, I am now hooked on Barbie princess movies and now in the project of making a big puffy princess dress. I decidet it to you.

Nathan said...

oh god. That Nooooo panel just about killed my poor lungs!

Heather said...

Yes, another comment from me-- I had to say I just noticed the chainsaw. Awesome. The angry mob is my favorite.

--Hey said...

ahhhh Heather.. I love you. thank you for making me smile.. yet again. Especially after being told by 4 year old... "can we live in a fun house.." I reply cheerily "we do live in a fun house" Lee replies back " no, we don't..." well poop on him... blah. Leave it to kids to ruin all our grown up fun. ; )

LinWash said...

Oh gosh! I laughed out loud. At work! I'm supposed to be working, rather than reading your blog!
I eagerly await part 2.

Brant Moon said...

Clutching my sides

Drawings are looking great, Heather.

Margaret Marshall Moon said...

Ha,ha, ha... fantastic!

You know your punch line is perfect if Brant is having a clutch his sides laughing moment. If this were a movie, he's be replaying, "I hate dat dwess," for the next 40 min with the same fresh reaction... every... play...

So good job!

Ramona said...

I completely understand this! I watch Say Yes to the Dress alllll the time and every single episode is like that! I laughed very hard.

Or there is the ones where the mom wants the poofy dress and the daughter wants sexy! hahah so good!

Caitlin said...

This is so hilarious that it almost makes me want to watch the show. But since it will probably never be as funny as I HATE DAT DWESS!!, I'll stick to haunting your blog. :D