Sunday, October 7, 2012


 I kind of have a weakness for giant stores like Costco and IKEA and Home Depot.  There's really nothing wrong with the world if you can buy pringles in cans the size of grain silos.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went to one of those home improvement stores.  Like always, I had to ask for help...

ME:  So, I'm looking for a tool box.  Or actually a tackle box maybe.  You know, like something with small adjustable compartments for sorting, you know, little tiny things that you want organized.  Um, you know?

I must have let my Girl show, because he was like:

 "Hobby Lobby has bead organizers next door."

And I was like:

ME:  So does this mean I can't use the forklift?

I left broken-hearted and empty-handed.  (Apparently you need a license to run a forklift?  WTHeck?)

As I was leaving, I was stopped at the entrance by a couple of eager boy scouts...

I couldn't say no.  They were too cute.

Ok, they weren't that cute.

...but their reaction was priceless.

They were still scuffing the ground when I left the parking lot.  All I can say is, I envy the scout leader who's taking them fishing.  He's going to be majorly entertained.


Jeff Spencer said...

Aww, cute Heather art! Best wishes in finding a gullible forklift attendant!

Jessica said...

A license to ride a forklift? WHAT IS SORCERY???? Love the art :) Very humerus and lovely, as always.

dixon.mary said...


Stephanie Jobe said...

Before I had an in-house boy that I went to places like Home Depot with I used to recruit random male friends to go with me, because I always knew what I wanted but the workers would always follow me around and be like "Are you sure that is what you want?" "What are you doing again?" "I think you want this..." It made me want to throw things or possibly compare toolbox size to prove my not too girlyness.

LinWash said...

Hilarious as usual. Same thing happened to me at the grocery store! Well, maybe not the exact same thing. But I also had to say no to some cute Boy Scouts.

Claudia McCarron said...

Aww... I wish we had Boy Scouts like this!

Penda Penn said...

lol @ the boyscouts xD
great day it was, eh?